Are you having any problems with Farming Simulator 22 since the update?
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  1. AI help do sloppy work and will not stay in one field. They start farming the neighbor's ground that I don't own. I just use them for combine work and even then they leave strips of crops when harvesting.

  2. I've had a frame rate issue where the frames are constantly stuttering on series x. It will do it 99 percent of the time I got an email saying they fixed it after I reported it a month ago and nothings changed

  3. I am one of those sick of chasing down pallets that get flung off my pallet forks! Why is this still an issue? We have had pallet handling in game for how long now?

  4. i have still that in multiplayer games you cannot enter into a harvester and operate it.
    sometimes when buy them even float.
    but if they do not float (seemingly) i never can enter them.

  5. I'm just hoping that the issue when buying vehicles that there's no bales in the way.. and these glitches as well, don't get the issue now when 15,17,19 had none of these issues

  6. Alot of issues with pallets, trying to stack pallets and they just decide to fly off the forks, or get stuck on the forks after placing them on the ground or on a trailer and pallets becoming invisible

  7. Yes there is still a lot of issues… 8 or 12 tire center steer tractors still get messed up at the end of the field using AI… Some tractors non mod models have some issues with some functions not working on all tools etc. They need another big update to fix base game AI…

  8. On old gen Xbox no issues except with the forklift flying! Honestly looks better after the update and I had experience with most of the issues they fixed. Nothing to report so far 👍

  9. On PC, use an xbox controller and my shop options section is pretty screwy now. Often times I can not use the controller and scroll down the options while in store. I can use the mouse fine but its almost like the controller has no in input while trying to use it in the shop.

  10. I had my graphics card jacked up on resolution. And I had updated the driver before the update, but seems giants needs a default graphics setting. Because it was like my screen was shrinking even when bumped to 800×600.

  11. I still have a problem saving the game while playing multi-player it says game has not saved when that happens I lose 30 minutes of play time and then have start again where I left off. I'm on Xbox series x

  12. Ps4pro..
    1. instability on pallet forks with pallets
    2. Using two cultivators (1 shallow and 1 not) on the one contract that gives two field states can mean going over completed work to finish contract.
    3. Invisible tree log physics
    4. When getting seeder stuck at caravan near cow barn beside a placable multifruit buying station and all vehicle’s would only go in reverse.. restarting gamesave didn’t solve it only a full game restart did

  13. I have been having fill trigger problems on all maps with base game equipment and mod equipment it was happening before the update, I have to detach and reattach the trailer to get the fill to trigger, It was not the update because it was happening before the update came out.


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