Delivering furniture to Millionaire and crashing his race car | Farming Simulator 22


We deliver some furniture and fast vehicles to a millionaire and other houses! We deliver a couch, TV, couch car and more! We drive through mud, water, rocks and more to make our deliveries. We crash a race car on accident.
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  1. W x day I have a question for me and the other two in the pink moon and stars on a walk with you I think I need a new one and stars and the kids were and how many a new job and how to get the

  2. I'm sorry what? If I don't give this video a thumbs up "I'm going to have the worst luck for the whole week"?!
    I'm not loving the toxic tactics you've been recently using to get more subscribers.
    My son loves watching Hudson but we won't be blackmailed into liking or subscribing to your channel.
    Your audience is young impressionable children maybe think about that over $$.

  3. Wow that’s pretty manipulative to wish bad happenings or luck on people if they don’t like your video. Not going to allow my son to continue to watch these videos if your going to say things like that. It’s not funny. And your teaching your child to manipulate people as well.


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