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With this pack the DEF usage gets activated. The base implementation was already done by Giants.
A new HUD is added which shows the Def filllevel. Furthermore there is a placeable Def pump, as well as a storage tank for your farm.
For transporting Def the MKS8 and MKS32 is included with the proper fill types. For refilling on the field the Thundergreek FST990 is
added with two filltriggers for Diesel and Def. It’s also possible to buy canisters with 25 or 50L of DEF.

To activate the Def usage there must be a DEF Fillunit in the vehicle.xml. This is already the case for a lot of default vehicles.
By default the usage gets multiplied by 1.5, but can be changed directly in the script.

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Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer LIZARD
Category Gameplay
Author sperrgebiet
Size 2.43 MB
Released 28.02.2022
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. Realistically being completely drained of DEF won't stop your vehicle entirely, just throws it into limp mode.

    That's how literally every road going tractor/trailer I've driven is anyways

  2. Actually the vehicles don't need only fuel to work. they need engine oil, water for cooling down the engine as well as many stuff. So this adblue adds some realism to the game. I'm gonna use it

  3. This is a Great mod …i really like it thing I wish you could do is when you have the small can in your hand you can just fill what ever vehicle your next to rather then having to get in to refuel

  4. Didn't do DEF in FS19 but I have now added to FS22. I think, like you, I play with somewhat realistically so the DEF mod is a great fit for me. Nice job explaining and demonstrating the mod. Thanks

  5. DEF sucks to deal with because in real life you can delete the def system off a truck you make more power and if you run out and real life the truck still runs but it goes into limp mode which means it only runs at a quarter of the power it's supposed to

  6. The laymans version of how DEF works is, it is sprayed into the exhaust stream, after the Particulate Filter (known by truck drivers as the afterburner) and before the exhaust is released out of the exhaust system. IRL the Mack Anthem does require DEF. Also if you run out of DEF, it will derate the engine and limit speed to 5 mph (8km/h) allowing you to move off the road or to a pump.

  7. ok so im at a loss here as to why they added a 32k tanker when the max placeable only stores 15k. Sooo what am i doing with the other 17k? Cant speak for others but i fill a taker up and not to a part way stage! Besides how long do i have to play to actually use up 15k of DEF…. Honestly the placeable buy point would have done and maybe the small canister. To me the rest is just window dressing to pad-out the mod.
    Lastly the def gauge needs to be fixed. Also running lower UI setting and that looks bad!
    For now it's a hard pass.

  8. Hi everybody a mechanic here with a quick explanation of what def does basically it causes the exhaust system to heat up way more than what it normally would I'm talking like a 1000゚+ to burn off the unused particulates that come out of diesel fuel when it's used in diesel engines It's really just an exhaust reheater fluid. O FYI older machines won't have Def only 2005 and newer and some diesel engines do the reheater thing without Def.

  9. No! Not DEF. That stuff is the bane of truck drivers (well, along with WY winters, MT any time it is windy, Chicago during rush hour…we have a lot of banes).

    This is good for more immersion. As much as I dislike the cat pee extract in real life, this will be a nice addition.


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