Deer Creek Map Tour – Big Machinery and Bigger Fields – Farming Simulator 22


We’re checking out the awesome new Deer Creek map from Cenrtal Ohio Modding, the first map (as far as I know) to have Anhydrous included and Propane for the grain dryer. Great to see some new fill types and advancements in map developement.

If you want to get the map it’s available from Central Ohio Modding’s page here:

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Deer Creek Map Tour – Big Machinery and Bigger Fields – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. It’s a shame really there isn’t a way they could release it for all platforms but give pc player’s the option to have the propane and fertiliser because it’s not like they do anything different ie you could dry corn without the propane and use normal fertiliser but I understand that it’s for all the role play and realistic people

  2. Am I the only one who can't stand that the road lines aren't painted the right colors? That makes a map unplayable to me because I notice it every time I go on the road and it drives me bonkers!

  3. I didn’t read through all the comments.. but when drying crops in real life, it is not a “1 to 1” deal.. there is what they call “shrink”. Wet corn would weigh more than dry corn so the place where you haul your corn in the fall (or whenever you haul it) would do two things. 1. Apply the shrink formula reduce the bushels accordingly & 2. Charge you what it would cost to dry to 15% moisture what you hauled in have hauled in.

  4. can't get this map to download correctly, Download it into my downloads file and then move it to My documentsMy games/FS22 mods as instructed (zipped) but map never shows up in game. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Is there anyway you can make a video showing how to extract the files after you download this map? I’ve downloaded the map and out it into my mod folder like I do for all my mods and it’s not showing up in game. What am I doing wrong?

  6. As someone from Ohio I am always looking for a local map and well the name is a little close to home for me. I gave this one a try and was disappointed in the play I experienced a lot of bugs.

  7. wonder if autodrive will lett you pass those waybridges? they did not in fs19. having problems with autodrive on other maps anyways. seems like vehicles get stuck or jut stop driving for some reason.


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