CONSTRUCTING OUR NEW YARD WITH SHEDS | Survival Challenge | Farming Simulator 22 – EP 20


Welcome back to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Survival Challenge for Farming Simulator 22

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Kramer KL 200

Isaria Drill

PLN Plows

Lemken D24

Alien Jim’s Packages

John Deere 1630

John Deere 6300

Classic 2 Row Planter

Small PH Sugar Beet Harvester

3M Lizard Fertilizer Spreader


John Deere 250 Sprayer

Gallignani 9250 SL Baler

6VS 6U Windrower



FiatAgri 180 90

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Question from a non-farmer. Wouldn't it be easier to have a fertilizer sprayer that you just placed the IBC on, so you dont have to refill the tank, you just place a new IBC on when its empty?

  2. When your loading screen gets locked at 50%, close the game, then you need to go into the game settings xml file and change the 24 on the second line to 23. Then when you reload the game it should load just fine. It does this every time I download or update any mod now.

  3. personally at this stage i think you should sell directly anyway unless the price is extremely low as any income will enable you to expand faster and the potential income from that will overshadow the slight increase on the small yields now

  4. The trunks wont grind away with lumberjack if you cut them too close to the ground, I cut slightly higher than normal and when I cut the tree down I keep my finger on the cut button when the tree falls and it then automatically starts to grind the stump as the indicator turns red as soon as you cut through the tree

  5. Yeah thats weird. I seem to have that problem when i update fs22 to the lastest log. Than some of my save games get to like 80% and dont want to open so i am always leary about downloading the latest update. Anyway, Daggerwin, great vid👍

  6. It’s a start Daggerwin! That shed is a really good one, it found it’s way into some of my farm builds and is very versatile. Looking forward to how it turns out when the series progresses

  7. Hey Daggerwin, thanks for making all these great vids, they've been keeping me calm and level-headed in the lead up to a major operation which I'm pretty scared about! Working my way through the Haut Beyleron series too, but I love Survival best!

    On the grass, it stays that kinda emeraldy green colour in the earlier stages, you can tell when it's fully grown (in game this is) when the tips get a slightly paler/yellower tint to them. My main save is primarily a sheep and grass/hay products farm so I see a looooot of grass! Lol

    Keep up the good work ❤


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