“CALMSDEN FARM” FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5.


MY FIRST FS22 MAP TOUR! “CALMSDEN FARM” FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5. Map by: Oxygendavid. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. All i can say is wow! Just downloaded it and driven around for a hour. I’ve noticed 2 issues so far. Problem with horse feed bar (all i gave them was bag of oaks and food was full but bar was low in red) and the gates to your house don’t open

  2. I'd love to see better ground effects like when it rains mud or softer ground more realistic play. It would be a game changer. Or if they would bring the mod that was for PC players called real mud to console id be happy to and make mud where I like. I no they claim they can't do it but hey we came from cave man to now and went to space the impossible has been done so I believe it is possible it just has not been figured out yet is all. 🙂

  3. Can I plz a question on this map. How do I get fuel into my tractors? I found the med. Diesel tanks on the map and filled them with Diesel,, but there is no trigger to fill my tractor tank up to full? Do you have to install another mod for fuel? There is no fuel station too.

  4. found a few bugs on this lovely map… field 23 = 0 euros to buy (kinda cheap) sheep watersupply with half filled shield runs out of water so they never grow in health and value since they "lack water" constantly)

  5. I have found a way to own the extra parts of the map in multiplayer. Start a game in single player as new farmer and save your game. Now start a multiplayer game using the game you saved as single player. Join the first farm and you own the periphery of the map.

  6. Just for some info. If you or your views don't already know. If you start, not on new farmer, you can still buy the periphery. Go into land buy mode, click any field next to the periphery, like your going to buy it, then move your cursor to the periphery, select it (it wont highlight) then buy for $0.

  7. Couple little updates to sell a couple items and this map is a 10/10. Without the ability to sell oats and sorghum are a big bummer atm though. Will wait patiently for what I'm sure will come out in an update. Thanks for the tour!

  8. Awesome map review MrSealyP, love your honest reviews. Started playing this map and found some other little issues that I’m hoping you can relay to OxygenDavid. I sold the horse pen but it didn’t get rid of the horse exercise objects. As well I sold the pig pasture but it didn’t get rid of the pig huts or troughs. I’m hoping you can again relay this to Oxi so it can be fixed on an update. Have a great day Sir

  9. Would be a salvagable map if you could delete the shit pre existing animal barns. The cows' location is terrible, the only way to reach the pigs is through the horse paddock. Not well thought out. OD needs add option to start no buildings on those plots of land. Not a 4.5 star map. That's just gamer silly!

  10. How do you have 5155 slots? are you on PS5?? And also when going thru the machines do you really need to read it word for word and letter for letter and number for number.. gets a bit annoying… A John Deere combine is a John Deere combine and a Class combine is a Class combine we don't need to hear that it's a John Deere x9s200 sftptppp1151 ffs!!!!


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