BUYING OUR FIRST COWS | Calmsden Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 10


Welcome to Calmsden Farm for Farming Simulator 22 ! It’s a very high quality map by Oxygendavid

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Stone Crushing Lime Production With Lights And Solar Panels

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT

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  1. Please keep going on the way your doing the videos!
    But maybe sometimes it could be a nice extra video of you have like an really huge harvesting job or something thats pretty repetitive you could maybe make a video like that with a whole lot of time lapse and some commentary in it.
    But i prefer you authentic type off content.
    Keep it up mate!!

  2. If its going to be just time lapse, any you tuber will do. we watch YOU for a reason…you are entertaining and explain processes well. Please don't change you Sir. You dont understand, we enjoy the rambling, its what makes it work!

  3. I am very busy, I work a 9 to 5 job and I have my own side business that takes up almost 8 hours ontop of that a day. Watching your videos always zones me out of that, makes time go slower, like my life suddenly is in slow motion, I enjoy that breather, your videos could be as long as an hour. Sometimes they make me want to be a farmer, although I know from various real life farm vlogers and me helping out on farms in my village on my offtime it is just as hectic as my day, just for even longer hours.

  4. honestly hate time lapse just dont see why ppl want to watch speedy version with no game sound an music. might as well just play game yourself an play music. for games with building i can see it being cool to watch a 2 hour build of something an see how it comes out from begining to end, but for farm sim its like watching on mute super boring imo. much rather at least commentary or even when ppl play with friends an just chat about random non game related stuff makes it better. its like watching live streams, if the person didnt talk an just played music an didnt talk to chat it would be so boring might as well just play the game. im sure alot ppl watch others play for gameplay but also commentary an random jokes an convos help keep it fun. also your funny an very good at teaching how things work or why you do things a certain way 🙂

  5. Hi Daggerwin. Please don't change your format, stick with the commentary please. Timelapse is ok on the odd occasion but we all tune in for your commentary, it's very relaxing and informative

  6. There’s so many channels out there that just do timelapse’s you are like one of the last people I know that does commentary that’s not role-play which I find a little annoying

  7. I tend to do other stuff while watching videos, so I prefer the commentary, but I like your balance of commentary and time lapses for the long jobs. Also, keep the cultivator – otherwise you will need to do stone picking annually in game, or buy the larger roller rather than renting it as you said in a previous video.

  8. Please continue with the commentary…. just time lapses are boring. Also, tabbing is a good idea…. save a lot of walking around and is just as realistic as time lapses. This is a game after all, not real life.

  9. I like your content how it is mate, commentary and small time lapses in between, there are many FS YouTubers who do full videos on time lapse, (including your mate chainsaw100) it’s nice to have a bit of talking too, love you channel, keep up the good work 👍


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