BUILDING THE NEW ELMCREEK HORSE RANCH | Roleplay Server | Farming Simulator 22


Time to move up from the hidden ranch out to the an all new setup. Let’s get down to building this new horse ranch on Elmcreek on the MP Roleplay server.

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  1. All the little details are nice. The shrubs, the mud, the worn spots in the pastures, etc… Stuff I never even considered. Gonna try adding in some of these little touches into my build. Good video.

  2. Perfect video 👍🏻🙂 Elmcreek has a lot of beautiful areas where we can build new farms and ranches. Using greatest new thing in FS 22 : It's a build mode ! 🤗👌🏻Keep doing this perfect stuff 🤞🏻

  3. For the center circle thing I usually do a fence all the way around, a big weeping willow tree, I add some flowers here and there and some bushes… Sometimes other small trees depending on the size and sometimes I add some yard art like a 1932 Ford model B truck I found or some older tractors just for some charter

  4. Klutch why was I watching your live stream about building your farm on the County Line map on FS22 And it go so far into the live stream I managed to watch up until you tried to do the basement in the barn then it came up on my screen this is a Private Video and then booted me out I have always been respectful on your live streams and never caused any trouble what happened

  5. Fri., Jan. 7, 2022 Mr. Klutch, were you a landscaper in a previous life? You create some really nice farm builds. Since I'm a horse person, I really like the way you added in little trails inside the pens as if the horses were walking the fence line (which they do) and the realistic muddy areas. Now all we need is some "manure spots" in the field. LOL Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing.


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