Biomass Power Plant | Mod Review | Farming Simulator 22


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The Biomass Power Plant can be used to generate electricity, which will be sold directly. You can use wood chips or straw to generate electricity.

Measurements: 36.5 x 18m
Price: 160.000$
Daily Upkeep: 150$
Filltypes: Wood chips, Straw, Roundbales, Squarebales

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer Lizard
Category Factories
Author VertexDezign
Size 5.11 MB
Released 11.04.2022
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. Suppose belt could fit in the storage area and feed up over the wall enabling you to tip within the area and have it feed up.
    Having said that having the feed system built into the mod would be a nice improvement to a pretty decent mod. Quite a few of the facilities I've been to which take products such as these (to include refuse or recycling facilities) have a tip style area with a recessed auger/belt to the rear of the area and the wheel loader (or bulldozer in some cases) simply pushes the product into the recess to the rear of the tip area.
    Either or, this is likely to see use in my SP games for sure.

  2. I planted iron pine ……I havnt found anything to cut them with besides a chainsaw(PS4) this may be a good place to get rid of them (1500 left to go)


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