BIG NEW PURCHASE! IT'S PAYDAY | Survival Challenge | Farming Simulator 22 – EP 13


Welcome back to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Survival Challenge for Farming Simulator 22
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Kramer KL 200

Isaria Drill

PLN Plows

Lemken D24

Alien Jim’s Packages

John Deere 1630

John Deere 6300

Classic 2 Row Planter

Small PH Sugar Beet Harvester

3M Lizard Fertilizer Spreader


John Deere 250 Sprayer

Gallignani 9250 SL Baler

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. 8 tons of Tomatoes on a 1.5-2 ton trailer, and a 2m³ (2000l) shovel on such a small tractor.. -The biggest snow shovels I can get in my local tractor shop is 1,65m³.
    A ton is really a lot for a frontloader and a medium tractor. The biggest combos lift in excess off two tonnes.
    I wouldn't mind the slightest any resulting tedium if you tried to limit yourself to capacity realism. The immersion really suffers from watching your tractor lift it's back wheels.

  2. I would have bought the conventional small rectangular baler and had money left over to upgrade the counterweight. You have that flatbed trailer to haul small rectangular bales on it. After selling the bales and wheat, then buy the round baler, the tether, windrower and wrapper.

  3. He needs to download realistic cab view and manual attach. I think its called realistic cab view, its really good, allows the player to lean forward in the cab.

  4. The reason for the variation in the sugar beet prices, despite no change in the in-game market, is likely due to decimal point changes. The true price does not change per $1, it changes in small increments via decimals, but it shows per $1 in the in-game market. Hopefully that makes sense.

  5. If you set the output method of the greenhouse produce to distribute, it wont spawn until you are ready to cart it to the sell point, so it wont be left out in the weather. Imagine that they store it inside.

  6. I tried in my game a little trick. If you buy a tree in landscape category old Spruce for 2200€ and clean it and cut it you can get around 6600€ back. Maybe try it if you want but I'm not 100% sure.

  7. on fs19 those greenhouses i never liked due to just how loud they are, water sound you could hear 100's meters away. without that crazy loud water they ok but not with the un realistic amount water spray and loud sound. thats my thought on the mod

  8. still watching the video here is a good list of different mods u can check out and see which one u would like

    John Deere 7000–$10250
    Lizard 9B Heavy Subsoiler–$5500
    Karakuzu 9B Heavy Subsoiler–$5500
    Aguirre AD7000/Canales–$23000
    ELHO TR300–$7000
    Old Low Trailer–$4000
    Lemken VariOpal 8 And Amazone Cayron 200–$22000
    Orkel TX 130–$9500
    John Deere 2280–$14500
    Lizard STAC450 And EST-MATIC300–$20000
    Underhaug Silagrip–$1600
    Fiat 605C–$19000
    Torpedo RX 170–$30000
    ZETOR 62-7745–$10000
    Eicher 2090T–$45000
    MTZ 1221–$32000
    Massey Ferguson 4700–$20500


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