BIG BUSINESS FAILURE? NOT LOOKING GOOD | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 65


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. DLSS runs the game at a lower resolution and using AI technology upscales to your monitors output resolution.
    DLSS set to Ultra Performance mode is recommended for 4k.

  2. I was mad about the olive situation. I paid about 100k to plant my olive grove, buy the landini and equipment, and rent the harvester, to only get 3000 liters of olives and make 5k. I immediately tore the olive grove out and used that little field as well as a big field for corn silage. Now I have sugar can in it, so we will see what that produces

  3. If harvesting the olives gives you a loss, don't harvest them. Simple. It's quite difficult to balance between keeping it realistic (not adding money in) and keeping it fun (not constantly repeating jobs). FS really doesn't reward small scale farming when it comes to expensive machinery or production plants

  4. You could try to set the monitorresolution to 1440p with the nvidea control panel if you have a nvidea graficcard. This should let windows think that your monitor only has a resolution of 1440p instead of 4k. And if you want the resolution back at 4k you can set it back to 4k. In the nvidea control panel you also can set the monitor refreshrate to more then 60fps if your monitor supports it. This software has many more functions you may look at.

  5. They definitely need to raise the price of grapes and olives or lower the set up cost because the amount of work they take for a decent sized orchard just isn't worth the small amount you get. It takes around 10 in game years to turn a profit on grapes and olives

  6. i really want to see the olive production side it may pay off eventually it is a long term project to make any money though purchasing equipment would be cheaper long term and bigger olive grove longer maybe yes it will cost alot in the short but once you have it its not much to keep it going and profit in the long term when you make oil i wouldn't mind if you cheated in a new field after taking them away if you do and making it longer for maybe the same cost it cost to put the other in and see if the longer one dose profit more

  7. DLSS uses AI to fake rendering at a higher resolution using lower resolution input – basically it's the "enhance" movie/tv trope, but real. Because of your setup you might have better up using a 1080p base resolution then using DLSS to bump it to 4k – definitely worth a try, because it's a quartic resolution difference, quartics are really important in rendering and whatnot, it might look better than rendering at 1440p and DLSS scaling to 4k, and will certainly be a performance boost.

  8. I feel like I can speak for the majority here. This series started as a way to show off as many new features in fs22 as possible.

    We the people have seen the cost vs profit of olives and grapes and what a small crop can give you…..i personally, would like to see what a large harvest looks like and brings in for cash. Even if you do need to fudge the numbers a bit.

  9. to comment on your 4k /1440p issues.. i play on 1440p natively (monitor and in game) and it works just fine.. Ive even run at 1080p on my 1440p monitor and i havent experienced those issues either..

  10. Hi Daggerwin, I'm liking the new look. Seems crisper. It seems to me that Olives and Grapes really need to be the focus of a Farm to be viable. Your way of trying out all these things is hurting you economically, but I understand why you do. I think you are doing a great job and you are my favourite FS22 creator. I've been trying out some of the other farms coming out like Riverview and Maypole. I'd like to see you do a let's play on one of those or Calmsden when it finally get released.

  11. Are you playing in full screen or windowed full screen? Sometimes playing in a windowed full screen mode will cause issues with the cursor if the resolution you’re playing the game in is less than your native resolution. The GPU shouldn’t be effecting it


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