BEHOLD! THE SILAGE SAUSAGE | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 84


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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Massey Ferguson 8700

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  1. I done a wrap of silge and when I came out of the game came back on it was up and moving like the big marshmallow man out of ghostbuster lol 😆

  2. Don't know that, you have seen my comment. And a little bit updated comment. You should also use the GPS mod. You can do field works more straight. And the corseplay mod, it will make feild workes smart and controllable. You should also use the Autodrive mod, it will make, driving cars and tractors so easy. And you can hire a AIworker for the Vines and the Olives. And there is a unload combine feature in it. You should see the tutorial of it. And you should also use the Front Lifter mod, if you use it, you can do some insane things .

  3. It kills me how much hay and silage you waste in your TMR. You should be putting equal parts of each. 4000L of each will make it so you dont waste the more expensive materials

  4. Hi Daggerwin. I I had an idea that I would like to tell you it basically comes from personal opinion. I am personally just not a big fan of Olive on the feed mixer I just think it looks odd no offense to Olive but I was thinking you could probably make some money if you sold olive and bought one of the small tractors that are on the in game mod hub. For example the John Deere 6300 or the New Holland L95 or the Case 1455 in my opinion any of those tractors would make more sense to be on the feed mixer and there’s a potential to make a little money. A couple other cool options although more expensive would be the case Maxxum or the case Vestrum. But these are just my opinions obviously it is your series. 🤷🏼‍♂️ love the series.

  5. Hey Dagger i have a question to the english farmers…… are you relly spreading solid manure on grass fields ?? if you do i bet you have a lot of sick cows…… hehe just saying never seen that done befor where i come from =D keep making great content dagger

  6. the rear wheel on the spreader is smaller because it aids in steering. If it were the same size as the larger wheel it would not have the arc to actually turn without either being mounted wider or having relief in the side of the spreader.

  7. Hi Daggerwin, I started to play FS22 1 month ago again, last FS what I played was FS15 7 years ago, your videos are interesting and you are awesome, keep going man😎👊

  8. The grass at the side of the silage pit would be a good place to put the next Sausage silage now that you know the length needed for that field. As to the colectables you are missing and cannot find them try gsCollectablesShowAll and they will appear on the map

  9. You should invest into the spinnery and clothing productions… clothing can be sold up to 30 000 if not 34 000 per 1000l (per pallet) and it would be a way to use your wool.
    If you then add a cotton field…

    (Highest sales price is somewhere between march and may)

  10. The big Krone wind rower you mentioned in the previous episode doesn’t work well going across slopes. It is too wide therefore it lifts the back of a tractor up, then it slides down the hill and makes the row all messy. Only going across slopes and or on uneven ground.

    Please can you put the wide BKT tyres back on the McCormick when you are not fertilising. Good Vid Daggerwin😀


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