HISTORY, POWER, VALUE & BEAUTY! ANTONIO CARRARO PACK (DLC) FS22 | MOD REVIEW! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at the first pack release from the year 1 season pass. What’s in the pack? What options do they have? What are the slot counts? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.

Mods used: Antonio Carraro Pack (DLC)

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  1. Seeing the character model on that supertigre 635, my first thought was you'd really have to keep your feet tucked in so close to those back wheels!
    This pack looks good fun, planning on starting a grape/olive farm and I do have the season pass, just not touched any of it yet. Thanks for the overview of all that's included!
    I have to say I agree with you on the design of these tractors, they look very nice and pretty unique. Particularly like the one with 4 tracks, you can definitely tell it's perfect for running up and down the rows.

  2. From video on You tube on Swiss farms on the mountains this design of tractor is usually operated with the engine at the back. With a low seating possition gives better visibility and a lower CofG. for mountain work.

  3. Thank you very much, MrSealyp, for covering this new DLC content in your usual excellent informative detailed throrough way that is always so very helpful! Great job as always! Thank you! 🙂

  4. They do look awesome…. but I'm not a fan of grapes and olives! You could use them for towing around Elm Creek, any hill might be a bit of a bother! I don't use any small tractors as it is, now there's 10 more!?

  5. I said this before on your videos, I'm a bit behind on the technology in terms of my console. I'm still on a Xbox One S, and also still on fs19.
    What I've said before is that I CAN NOT waaaait until I get fs22!!!
    Which should be this month sometime! I've finally come across the extra funds!! Wish me luck that I can get the additional funds for the year 1 pack because I can see myself doing a whole playthrough based on this pack!

  6. I love how excited you are for this pack, MrSealyP! They really are some very nice tractors, they definitely seem to be little torque monsters too the way they get up to speed so I suspect they're going to be a bit more useful than their horsepower suggests!

    I know it's not a DLC for everyone and it'll probably get passed over by more because it mentions olives / grapes and that's ok, there will still be plenty of people that will love this pack and no doubt other packs in the future more geared towards larger farming too. I, for one, plan to enjoy the socks off this pack!

    Cheers for showing them all off, MrSealyP!

  7. I liked the look of the tractor with combined tip bed but I was sold when you swung around and showed us the flat bed and the trailer to go with it. Love your work MrSealyP and the fact you always go that extra mile by looking up the company and giving us a little back story.

  8. "Something went wrong." (CE-107880-4)
    Giants and Sony Interactive are like two children fighting on a school playground. This is not that difficult, but does require mutual efforts and a Playstation Store update for PS5.

  9. hi ya everyone if anyone has season pass for xbox word of caution when you use it on your farm you lose your right bumper and y too show up at your farm pen and silo area show you need to hit the right bumper overload and y just let everyone to beware of that i seen it on my farm

  10. I may have jumped the gun buying the seasons pass lol. Dont get me wrong this is a fantastic DLC. BUT, I don't particularly find grapes and olives that fun to do. Maybe I could find a use for something in this pack to use as a small yard tractor. Shrugs…


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