ALL MACHINES SO FAR | Farming Simulator 22 – 12th October 2021


All the machines so far in Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Is it just me or has anyone else wondered if natural disasters will be added? I used to play John Deere American Farmer years ago and they had tornados. Great addition to the game. Idk I think it would add great realism to the game. Not sure if they can really add too much more to the gameplay to make it much more realistic. Really just depends on regions for anything else.

  2. Further to my last comment I've added up the items that have been put up on the website and right now we're at 288. Giants have stated that there will be over 400 pieces of equipment and tractors. To bring us to the minimum of 400 that means there are 112 items to go, if you believe the "over" 400 then there will be more than 112.

  3. You said you think we've seen most of the equipment in game. However there are a lot of coming soon boxes in a lot of categories. For example we haven't seen any "big" combines yet but we know that the John Deere X9 still hasn't been announced nor has the JD 9RX which we've seen pictures of. Speaking of the 9RX we also haven't seen any other large tractors from other major manufacturers like Case IH and New Holland. I can't believe they won't ship any of those with the game.


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