ALL BUILDINGS IN GAME – Farming Simulator 22


A look at every in game placeable building.

00:00 – Intro
0:20 – Sheds & Garages
9:08 – Silos & Silo Extensions
15:13 – Container Storages
18:05 – Tools
19:50 – Farm Houses
20:20 – Production Buildings
25:13 – Sell Points
27:20 – Green Houses
28:24 – Orchards (Olives & Grapes)
30:18 – Green Houses
31:54 – Animal Pens
41:22 – Fences & Gates
47:08 – Lights
47:55 – Other Decorations
48:35 – Outro

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  1. Hiya farmer cop, just bought fs22 and watching your brilliant guides which I bought game viewing your contents.
    Bought. I have a question, I stumbled across a collectable which gave me 50000! But noticed on some buildings dotted around the French map little pixel arts eg the building west of field 48 at the base of the building on the west side? It has me intrigued.

  2. Are there any silos or animal buildings built into the in game maps, or are they all for decoration? I have the physical version of the game and don’t have the release update yet because I used up my high speed hotspot data for the month. The giants updater doesn’t seem to work with the slow internet I’m left with, so am unable to tell what changed from the initial 1.0 version to the current release version of the game.

  3. Question… how do the solar panel passive incomes work? I bought the shed that advertises $20/hr but… I am not actually seeing those profits. Not sure if it's bugged or if i'm supposed to be going somewhere to collect it?

  4. OMG – thank you so much for this. I was trying to figure out what to place – based on the tiny graphics – and thought somebody should do all the buildings. And somebody did! 😉

  5. I feel the need to reach out and say sorry for requesting this.. you sounded exhausted by the end lmao.. awesome video man thanks for your awesome content.. looking forward to many more.

  6. If you select the animal pens in the build menu it gives you the option to rename them. I wonder if you can do the same for the other buildings especially the production placables. Great video by the way!!

  7. Woow. And this is base game… There’s more base game placeables in 22 than my entire mod collection in 19. Absolutely wild. Giants really went all out for FS22. They really did a great job upgrading the game and not just making it look prettier like most AAA games

  8. FYI you still need to manually change the foliage circle that ruins the view.. in the game xml, just that to 4.00000 and it's doubled in ranged making it much more beautifull.


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