AI Workers In Farming Simulator 22 (All Platforms!)


AI Workers In Farming Simulator 22 (All Platforms!)
FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Fieldwork
3:42 – Go To
5:48 – Deliver
11:06 – Load & Deliver
16:28 – Outro

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  1. Me still thinking they need to make selling points more sim like where they take a reading and a moisture rating and base pay off that also should have other farmers selling too so you could get stuck in line to sell which is accurate

  2. I knew about all the other ai worker stuff before the last one, but didn’t know it, but glad I watched and now know them all and will definitely be doing it more often.

  3. I think there has been a misunderstanding among the early access streamers about AI improving by learning. On the website it says Giants will continue to improve the feature, it does not improve by itself – AI does not equal a learning ability unless specifically having been programmed to do so which appears to not be the case. Correct me if you have a source to the contrary.

  4. I'm wondering 3 things:
    1) How many AI can you hire at one time? If I'm working a large map like Welker or Dahl Ranch, or Fox Farms, 6 IS NOT ENOUGH! (I'm on Xbox only)
    2) Can they do more than 45 degree angles? Fields with any sort of curve on the border don't get completed, and I have to go and manually finish the job. In real life, that'd get a hired hand fired after their 2nd or 3rd time
    3) Can they do a better job with end rows (headlands)? If there is a tree or telephone pole close to the edge of the field, and they're aproaching it head on, the FS19 AI only get so close. Then they stop and start the next row, leaving the previous row incomplete. And I have to go back and manually finish up their failure. It would be nice if they could say "Ok, I'm getting too close to this obstacle, so I'll attack this bit on a 90 degree angle parallel to the border of the field."

  5. As you can see the AI worker feature is still not perfect 😆 but it is a new welcomed feature that a lot of us are going to use and like you said go from the store to the farm.
    But my main thing I wanted to ask was can you stop the worker at any time in between looping and will it be able to pick up production factory stuff, for instance pallets and any other production factory stuff.
    I'll probably find another video of you explaining that exact subject.


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