Abandoned tractor found in forest – rebuild | Farming Simulator 22


New Farming Simulator 22 video. Today, we found an abandoned tractor in deep forest. We rescue the tractor and we rebuild it.

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  1. We see all this fun stuff but you can never use these mods less your doing the modding. Like I don't see an actual mod chain to pull a tractor out I don't see the old mods they claim they find in the woods. Or actual mud to get stuck in. All this added stuff would make better game play. Who knows by 2080 maybe the modders will be more advanced to make real mud and older looking equipment with more realistic sounds. I've honked a semi horn and it toots nothing close to a semi horn. As for this video great but I can play the game to myself so watching another just play and use things that I no you can't do on console well doesn't do any thing for me so I'm good in that sense.


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