A ROUGH START… – No Mans Land – Episode 1 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my hard core survival gameplay on No Mans Land where I will struggle to make it with starting debt and nothing to my name but a plot of land.

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  1. I love this map. But I am a little concerned. I have seen the movie American Werewolf In London several times, so there is no mistake about it. On No Man's Land close to dark, every now and again you will hear the sound of the werewolf from that movie. My question is WHY? Why put that in a farming game. The first time I heard that in No Man's Land, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. If you never seen the movie, the sound would still give you the heby gebies.

  2. Buisness idea a small fruit stand. But they also need a perminant grape supppier. They’ll pay an extra 1000 per 3000 liters on top of the profit but will only buy 40000 liters a year

  3. I have this on PS4. Downloaded this map. I have the buildings already, plus, I have the farm equipment there. So I am able to use the tractors for plowing and such. The only thing I don't have is the building you drop the lumber off to. Is there something I missed at the beginning? Thank you for posting. This game is a lot more harder than FS 19.

  4. I want to open a business! O'Doolahans Irish pub. I could be a potato farmer who makes his own whisky just trying to run a clean authentic Irish pub that serves good old fashioned Irish food.

  5. I’m really enjoying this series. Got a question for ya. How did you get the lady behind the counter at the store? I don’t remember seeing her before. Btw, the longer and straighter the log is, the more money you make. Size as far as width goes, of course plays a huge part as well.

  6. Ok so Lumberjack mod, when you have the issue of the left click not working, it for some reason changes the "use tool" key to X on your keyboard, as for the wood, should of gotten a saw mill (which makes sense for the NML map tbh) and convert the wood to planks, you just need a way to load the pallets in the truck, a good way to RP that if u want is to either buy or lease a fork lift but only use it at the saw mill and pretend that its actually the saw mills forklift as they would have their own equipment for loading and unloading trucks. Sorry for the long post here's a smiley face 🙂


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