A FAST DEAL… – No Mans Land – Episode 11 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my hard core survival gameplay on No Mans Land where I will struggle to make it with starting debt and nothing to my name but a plot of land.

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  1. Glade to see your all settled into the new place and streaming again. I have really enjoyed the no man's land series. I thing I miss from the F19 no man's land is your "cop stories" Be nice to put the cop back into farmer cop 😉 I always enjoyed your stories.
    Also, let's see some work from the cab, loading bails or something that would be a challenge to do from cab view. You know, just for fun.

  2. I would like to setup either the fruit production small red or the oil production small red by OmaTana with a few birch trees around it and a small house maybe. Calling the business Birch Bark Oils Inc. or Birch Bark Fruits Inc.

  3. Finally!🙌🏻 I would like to see like a multiservice buisniss where you can hire people to work for you! (Plow, drive from A-B etc).
    Maybe where you can lease both workers and equipment, just like a contract. Or just one or the other.

  4. I’m seeing a lot of activity in NML I’m a truck driver and it’s been a generational career! So I was thinking of a truck/trailer dealership, could also sell cars and pickups… my name is John Wayne, so maybe “The duke’s truck and trailer sales”

  5. Hey I heard someone was making silage around the area and thought it would be a good business opportunity to start a biogas power plant to supply the area with power as well as better prices for farmers. I would like to name it after my great grandpa who owned a big dairy farm and I alway remember riding with when he was chopping corn silage. So I would open a BGA Power Plant called Harvey Biogas. I would also like a small house near by and would be willing to do some part-time work for someone.

  6. Finally man! Lol A new episode! Hope your enjoying the new house! We gotta get you back on Meet The Gamers very soon. Love this series btw. 😉 I do recommend doing chickens and bees as eggs and honey pay really good especially when you have a bulk amount.


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