A BIT SHEEPISH – Calmsden Farm – Episode 4 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my laid back and relaxed series starting in New Farmer mode on Calmsden Farm. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I had the same issue with the water tank. It just takes a second to start, it’s auto offloads but glitches as you saw until it starts to offload. Sometimes it was 10-30 secs of wait time. I just hop in menu look at something and I hear it start offloading.

  2. I had successfully started sheep in my first Elm Creek farm and then that bug when you click career to start the game comes up and asks to to delete the save game. I didn't realize it was asking that at that time and clicked yes. Was so mad my game was deleted and had to start over again.

  3. I guess these pastures are made this large because they are incorporated into the map. Is there a way to make a custom animal pen in just any size (on a plot of land for instance) as you like?
    It kind of bothers me that I have a chicken coop which looks like it will hold 30 chickens but in reality it holds 360 😀

  4. Would be really neat if you would do an Old Stream Farm series.
    Am enjoying your videos except for time laps music. Instrumental is ok but …. LOL Anyway Thanks for the great content , on Both your Channels. Yup, subscribed to both.

  5. Beef cows gain value for 36 months (to $3000ea), then start to drop after that point. Mature at 18 months, babies every 10 months (27mo-37mo – so you choose babies OR best sell price!).


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