What feature would you like to see added to Farming Simulator?
|||||||||||||||…………… 47% ⭐ Deformable Terrain
||||||||…………………. 24% ⭐ Baby Animals
|||||……………………. 13% ⭐ Larger Maps
|……………………….. 3% ⭐ Better Weather
||||…………………….. 12% ⭐ More Brands
In this video we’re looking at the top 5 most requested features that are missing from Farming Simulator 22. Do you agree with this list, let us know what feature you would like to see in Farming Simulator 22 in the comments and be sure to vote on which feature on our list is most important to you in the poll above!

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  1. Heres one you will never get.
    Realistic physics . Even as a toggle.

    inb4 someone hyper smart :
    There's a Mod for Seasons too, they didn't have to implement it.
    Simulator with Arcade physics tho…
    But F Us old players that played since FS 09

  2. A bigger map would be nice .or better a way I can travel from my server to your server and buy cattle feed off of you and go back to my server with that feed or hay grain whatever I am short of like a server co op .

    And horse racing with some Rodeo .

  3. I have four versions of Giants FS games, and their won't be a fifth until they decide to upgrade their graphics engine.
    They think they can charge the same price for their game as Mud Runner? By doing a few optimizations?
    Time to go back to school Giants and learn a more current graphics engine

  4. Someone kind of mentioned this, but it would be nice if animals reacted to your presence. In my experience, cows only come to you if you’re holding food, otherwise they get out of the way. Sheep to move together as a flock. It would be nice to have to move the sheep for practical reasons, such as grazing. And to facilitate that move, it would be nice to be able to use your dog to heard them.

  5. If they did have crop damage due to the weather they would have to add crop insurance give us the choice do we get crop insurance or do we chance it and hope the weather is nice to us also give us insect problems aswell

  6. I can't believe it took Giants this long to finally include seasons. Farmer's lives revolve around seasons. How was this not part of the game from the beginning? Weather in general on this "simulator" has been pretty lame too. I agree there needs to be some random bad weather that can do a considerable amount of damage to your income. Personally I feel FS22 is just a rehash of FS19. The only new thing I'm looking forward to is having somewhat of an economy. But even that seems to be very basic since there isn't much for competition from the unseen farmers in the area. Anyway, nice review! I'm glad to see not everyone is super jazzed about this release.

  7. I mean agricultural simulator 2013 had decent terrain modification back in 2013, no excuses allowed almost a decade later from a lot bigger developer. Feels like giant is turning into a fifa machine, I mean I’m still buying the game but…

  8. Dear Lord, UNIMOG.
    Someone call Mercedes-Benz. I wanted to have an actual tiny German farm, where the farmer DOES IT ALL with an Unimog AND takes his crops to the city with his little truck that could, just as the original Unimog was intended.
    The mods are hard to find.

    Catterpillar too, most modded gear is of course a labor of love, but have something or another missing, not perfect.

    Now, MINING simulator, oh boy. People have done astounding mods, pushing the limits of what FS19 can do with mining maps.

  9. I agree, more brands especially Kubota for the Kverneland and Vicon equipment. But caterpillar still doesn't exist anymore, it has become challenger. My requested brands are (most important first): Mercedes (Unimog), Kubota, Kongskilde, (more and larger) SIP, Case construction equipment like wheelloaders, the same with John Deere, more Krone, more Steyr, Maschio Gaspardo, Mc Hale, Ero Gmbh, more vineyard tractors from Claas, Case, Valtra, more Annaburger and a Koeckerling seeder.

  10. The visual examples you give for "deformable terrain" are not examples of deformable terrain, they're just examples of where the equipment has been lowered into the physics plane… which would play absolute hell with any mods players create or update. Adding the feature would make the game garbage. The data systems used by FS are texture files used as data matrixii and their resolution on the ground are literally a corn/beet/potato plant's width. What people are demanding when they scream for deforming terrain is for them to be blocked from playing the game due to a lack of hardware.

  11. Trees producing saplings on their own.
    More types of trees (not store bought decorations.)

    Areas neglected by mowing get overgrown by bushes, trees, weeds if they have enough sunlight hitting the ground area.

    More animal types. Bison, Longhorns, Highlands.

    Stud services or separation animal pens. Neutering.

    Erosion. Erosion controls.

  12. 1. Some serious upgrade on workers (as us console players can’t have course play), including workers being able to transport goods and workers being able to drive a trailer alongside a forage harvester.
    2. How can we be all the way to FS22 and there’s STILL no proper animal husbandry? Cows start off as newborns ffs.

  13. I totally agree with the list, especially deformable terrain which should have been a thing in this game by several years now.
    It`s a game about farming and cultivating soil and there is no excuse for a game like this not to have this feature. Having huge tractors and other machines running on top of the riffled soil textures without making the slightest deformation even in wet conditions is hard to take seriously. It`s almost strange that this has been accepted for so many years and is still not a showstopper for both Giants and the consumer. The fanboys can cry all day long about people having unrealistic expectations about how much time and money this would require, but the fact is that Giants have had all the time and money in the world to see this through, they just dont see the need because people are still lining up to purchase every new title they push out regardless. I wont be surprised if we dont see deformable terrain within the next ten years.

  14. More Ford trucks and tractors, >>>>>crop-dusters<<<<<<, more Massey-Fergusson equipment, someone from Giants to get off their asses and come to America and enter negotiations to add Peterbuilts, Kenworths, Internationals to the game. Get over here and get face-to-face with the manufacturers to get permissions to put this stuff in the game. You got Mack, good start, we need more please. But I think my biggest wish right now, not exactly from Giants, but from the mod community, map creators that aren't lazy, stop making maps that you have to buy large plots of land consisting of 2+ plots.


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