4K FS22 | NEW MODS! | STORE EVERYTHING! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 21st December 2021.


NO GAME CRASHES? 4K FS22 | NEW MODS! | STORE EVERYTHING! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 21st December 2021. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Mobile Fuel Tank By: Maxter, Fuel Storage + Grainquid Storage By: MISSYB, Ino Elite 270 By: WhiteBull Modding, HW80 Wood Trailer By: Kamilos0397, Brantner Z 15051/2 XXL By: Rival, Pöttinger Jumbo Pack By: Schnibbl Modding, AVANT-Series By: ITS, Claas Axion 800 Series By: NikmoriLS & CLAAS JAGUAR 980-930 By: GIANTS Software.


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  1. great video showing different mods and all.
    ive just recently starting to play theese types off simulator games myself on xbox.
    and ofc there is alot that im wondering about, but mostly now:
    what does it mean when you talk about the different mods and say 1,5,10 slots on console?
    and is there any autoloading pallet trailers for console? kinda sucks to use the forklift and load trailers with.

  2. 22:17
    I actually used to sell these bad boys IRL. Great machines with a ton of possible attachments. I think they're up to something like 170 at this point. They only have one problem and that is that its not symetrical. The loading arm is shifted to one side, which make turning to the left, when fully loaded, kinda sketchy. That being said, Avant and Multione have the best weight to lifting capability ratio of an front loader/telehandler. The biggest Avant and Multione can almost lift their own weight, while the rule of thumb for regular loaders is that they can lift about 1/2 their own weight.
    Its a shame that there is little use for them in FS since everything is a bit larger scale, even on european maps.

  3. You seems like you need a proper Christmas break from mod reviews at this point. Everything is broken. It's horrible what they release. Especially on PC since they are not regulated by giants other than the official modhub.

  4. If you have mirrors flickering just go into the graphics settings and change max mirrors to more than 4 if that is set to 4 and the tractor has 5 mirrors then one of the mirrors will flicker

  5. How come all the silos in FS22 so far that I can tell the capacities are combined products and not per item. Very irritating when you use the smaller ones and they fill up in a hurry. I thought the 250k missy b one would be plenty but I was wrong so upgraded to the 500k. No room for the largest one.

  6. Hey Mr S. I'm a farmer in Australia, I'll be harvesting the next few months or so in heat atm 35° will get to 50°… I'll be doing battle in increasing heat and humidity causing that itch to stick that bit better…. I want you to no this the next time the "game" upsets you… 🍻

  7. Hi mrSealyP great mod review video but I have a problem I place the big missyb silo next to my cow barn with feeling robot and when I go to put hay in there in the inside the barn it just put it back in the silo any ideas what to do as it puzzled me

  8. Hey dude great video lots of good info . Just quick question about the silage additive can you use it to pick up a full load then drop it off and then use it again to get even more of a load ?

  9. The new way of placing things is really annoying , I have send a email to Giants and I hope that they will look at it .
    A had a answer from Giants and they told me that on ps4 unfortunately you cant edit the controls , witch I knew already.
    So I asked them too take a look again because it’s really frustrating too line up building’s .
    I’m waiting and I hope they come with an answer .
    The only pro in the new build mode is the slope function but for the rest was the build mode in fs19 better .
    I speak for console only.

  10. Hey mate – love the videos 👌. Am I correct in saying that the auto loader trailers aren’t available mods for the PS5? I downloaded the new mod trailers I saw in another video that the user was using as an auto loader – but when I installed / purchased they were just standard and didn’t auto load. Any help Woolf be appreciated. Thanks, Dave

  11. Yes my ps4 crashed today I was so far and didn't save and boom shut off 😑 frustrating also I started NML and I got the things set up I bought the chainsaw to cut the remove stone sign and the map went blurry help ?? 🤔 thanks for showing the new mods Mr.Sealyp

  12. I’m new to Farming simulator 22 games. Was given it as a gift. I have a PS5 a was wondering what you are talking about when you talk about slot count? Love the content keep up the awesome work 👍👍.


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