4K FS22 | Day 18 | ELMCREEK ADVENTure | ROLL OUT! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


4K | RESET… GRAIN RETEST! 4K FS22 | Day 18 | ELMCREEK ADVENTure | ROLL OUT! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: GIANTS Software. In this countdown to Christmas series I’m doing a start from scratch Let’s Play. After a complete reset/new save game, I am going to roll the home farm fields and do a retest on the grain contract situation. Fingers crossed this works!!

Seasonal Growth is OFF
Weeds are OFF
Normal economy

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries. Time To spare By: An Jone (YouTube Library).

Mods used:





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  1. Mr sealy p just heads up I am playing fs22 on PS4 I was loading wood chips into a trailer the trailer was full but you couldn’t see the wood chips in the trailer thought nothing of it , I then took a potato contract used my trailer and same thing happened so I sold the trailer , bought a brand new one (the same) that cured the problem so may be a glitch somewhere thank you just thought I would let you know

  2. Hi Mr sealyp I was just like you when you was going mad about the contracts I was on me 3rd contract and I was looking at it and shouting at the tv untill i noticed a message on here and turned around to my son and laughed

  3. I wasn't aware of needing a saved game either I don't think I've seen any difference in vids quality I'm really enjoying it I love yor rants it's makes these vids even more special thanks 4 yor hard work

  4. Just watched Episode 17 and this one, and love your term “Ranty Pants”. I feel I also have been a frequent wearer of these items whilst playing FS22. I went back and watched some of my early FS19 content this weekend, and I was definitely having a better experience with that game in the beginning. FS22 has caused me to have my own moments of complaint since starting and across two let’s plays and a multiplayer server. It’s such a hard place to be in for a content creator because if we don’t highlight or mention the bugs and glitches and react to them honestly, half the viewers will accuse us of being Giants Fanboys and shills. If we do honestly share our feelings on the state of the game the other half of the viewers will label us moaners and complainers.

  5. Np some times you just need to vent. We all do from time to time. Keep the videos coming. You are a high point of my day. When i get off my shift and take off my uniform i always look forward to see your videos and hear your voice. Sence we went on this deployment here on the border you always make my day. There is not much to do here so you help keep me out of trouble.

  6. I'm on PS4 and didn't have to restart to my save at all after the update…. Nor do I have any visual issues HDR or otherwise. Must just be lucky. Keep up the good work fam, love the content as usual. Can't wait to see those mod reviews again, with mods having been released again earlier today and all. 👍

  7. Hi MrSealyp great vid and content as always. I'm playing on Xbox series X and have half pallet issues etc, what exactly do you mean by "start a new saved game " do i need to start all over from stratch or just save under a different name ??

  8. Yeah, this is as close to caught up as I’ve gotten and didn’t notice the fog on the previous videos but I was several days behind, this one looks like it’s grainy and smoggy. It must be something on YouTube’s end, that said I would hardly call it unwatchable.

  9. With the cloudiness of the video…. Ive noticed when I watch (on my phone) portrait is misty, landscape is fine. Weird. Having said that, it doesn't stop me watching your videos. Appreciate your work Mr. S. P!

  10. Just a thought (I know, go careful), I have noticed that the engine of the harvester needs to be running in order to unload the grain. If you use a worker in the harvester and he/she completes the task, the engine goes off – and leaves the grain still in the harvester. Just an observation (I'm sure that was different in FS19).

  11. Since the update I have lost half my stockpile of eggs and honey and now every time I try to move the pallets it throws my forklift flipping into the air and landing in my canola field which destroys my crop so not very happy.

  12. I think what people view your vids on also makes a difference, they look stunning on my Samsung mega telly, on my old Samsung phone,,,not so good. But I don't really care, it's what's in the clips not picture quality. Don't get stressed about it mate some folk complain about anything. 👍🏁

  13. Boss don't let negative people get you down. I have never been big into farm simulator until 22 lunched. Now I go out of my way to watch your videos. I enjoy the no bs and you being straight up with the issues.

  14. Another great episode as always, Thank you so much for the information regarding the contracts and the need for a new save game 😁 I was getting so frustrated yesterday and I would not have found out if it wasn’t for you and your videos. You are the best 😁👌

  15. So on the "misty" effect on your videos. I started playing the video this morning on 1080p HD, and it had the effect. I got back to the end and selected 1080p HDR, and it looked wonderful, until it didn't. It started shifting between the two through out the end of the video. Don't think this is on your end, but I did enjoy the videos.

  16. Just wanted to let you know that when I watch your videos on my phone the quality is sharp and clear but for some reason on videos with the HDR recording the YouTube app is forcing my blue light filter on the phone to turn on. maybe that's what other people are talking about. it makes the phone screen look a little dull in color. And why I say "phone screen" is because if I minimize the video but not close it the blue light filter is still active on my phone itself. however I can't change any settings so I think the problem is with the YouTube app itself.

  17. I'm that guy that did loads of landscaping and built a whole new farm. I was so hesitant to delete and start a new game, but in the end I guess I had to. Oh well. Merry Xmas everyone.


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