12 Biggest Changes from FS19 to FS22!


12 Biggest Changes from FS19 to FS22!
FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Character Customization
1:34 – Different Sized Bales
3:14 – Used Equipment
5:04 – Multiple Contracts
6:07 – Field Care
7:19 – Build Mode
9:20 – Equipment Packs
10:31 – AI Workers
11:33 – Production Chains
13:09 – Vehicle Straps
14:47 – Manual Transmission
17:43 – Seasonal Cycles
20:02 – Outro

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  1. Heard about this game a lot. So bought PS5 version a week ago. Checking about real life farming equipments around, I guess tech simulation of the game seems to be cool. However, it certainly needs a touch on world graphics and functionality of several interactive points. Also driving controls needs to be smoother and a bit more realistic. This game is a serious candidate to be an icon in few years, if the game developers concentrate on improving overall realism. In this shape, it reminds me the initial versions of MSFS.

  2. Is this for all fs22s.? Or only pc I have a Xbox. This all sounds amazing especially the AI driving I have always wanted that. This all seems to amazing to be real I am on Fs19 now Xbox

  3. Hi DJ! Thank you for this video. I have a couple questions for you. I play FS 19 and am looking at getting FS 22, but I am physically disabled so I play a VERY simple game (I do everything on the controller with one hand and/or my chin). For example, I don’t play with productions or seasons. I just grow and stock up on certain crops that I will need for my animals and then I slowly add my animals and take care of them and my fields, but that is about it. I might do more in the future but right now it is easier this way (sorry if this is TMI). Anyway, you mention in this video that there is more to do with the fields then just cultivate, plant and harvest and my question is – do you absolutely have to do that extra stuff, or can you turn it off or just not do it? Also, I have never played seasons (again because it is to much), but I like the idea of being able to have snow. Could I have snow without playing seasons? I’m assuming not? Thanks!

  4. It's cute how you call the character customization "tons" of options… I think you'll find if you ever played basically any other game, it's still just some basic choices. XD Still more than 19 though!


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