10 FEATURES YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT – Farming Simulator 22


This list has 10 in game features for all platforms that you may have not realized were in the game.

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  1. First, great tips. I didn't know you could rename the buildings. Very handy when you have three chicken coups. Or any building of the same type you have multiple of for that matter.
    And can't you just turn of the "create fields" option when removing bushes and trees with the mulcher as you can with the plow?

  2. Another feature that I found nice after spending a lot of time with the mulcher while clearing pathways across ditches/creeks for easy access from field to field was the ability to use the paint feature under the construction tab. It will clear all of the underbrush and bushes. Paint it as grass for a maintenance free option and then you can also plant wild flower on it if you want something to mow or that looks more realistic

  3. The mulcher feature would be useful, weren't it for the fact that you need to use the painting-tool to get rid of the field again. At which point you can just as well paint over the bush and get rid of it that way..

  4. Is there an easy way to know what my vehicles are? Sometimes I forget which is which and it just shows a brand/product name. I didn't find a way to verify without going back to the store to work out whats what.

  5. I have something to add to number 3. You can limit your speed backwards. So if you go backwards and push 1 to set it to 5 mph for example, you only go 5mph and not faster. It is pretty handy if your are backing a trailer up.

    Greetings from Germany

  6. if u leave the mulcher up to remove the trees u can then "paint" over the bushes with grass from construction menu, alternatively just do what farmer cop did and then just paint over the field texture with grass

  7. The number at the bottom of your speedo is the cruise control speed, you can adjust it where you want, and the tractor will go that speed. Same for reverse, if you put it in reverse, adjust the speed, and it will reverse at that speed.


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