🚨 Farming Simulator 22 News 🚨 Patch and Content update 1.2 now available


Patch and Content Update 1.2 is now avaialble. Fire up your game on your platform of choice and be sure to download the update so you can get access to all the new stuff added to 1.2 as well as the big list of fixes. More info below…

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Changes & Improvements
● Adjusted contract vehicles accordingly as some had wrong tools for the job at hand
● Adjusted prices for used vehicle sale
● Adjusted repair costs
● Adjusted ridge markers on seeders to not dig up stones anymore
● Changed display of day numbers
● Changed price fluctuations display, so it shows actual history of prices of the last 12 months
● Fixed an issue where AI workers were unable to use and turn plows correctly
● Fixed an issue where leased machinery for a contract would disappear once accepted
● Fixed an issue where picking up objects as a client in MP could crash the game
● Fixed an issue where playing with a custom season length could cause issues in weather forecasts or indefinite rain/snow
● Fixed an issue where some contracts were unable to be finished
● Fixed an issue where the AI worker would continuously get paid even though the game was paused
● Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t start on certain Intel GPUs
● Fixed an issue where using DLSS could result in some “ghosting” artifacts
● Fixed an issue where using DLSS on supported cards could lead to a black screen
● Fixed an issue where using the Big Bag lifter tool could cause the game to freeze or crash
● Fixed an issue where vehicles would get duplicated when reset
● Fixed an issue with animals running around the place when they shouldn’t
● Fixed an issue with the map filter overlays displaying the “needs plowing” and “needs lime” status incorrectly
● Fixed income of placeables to be consistent per year, now shown as income per month
● Fixed issues with emptying of bunker silos
● Fixed loan interest rates over a whole year
● Fixed Manure Heap and Manure Heap Extension, they are now working as expected
● Fixed reset of collectibles after they had all been collected
● Fixed Rostselmash Nova pipe unloading effect
● Fixed seed usage when direct-sowing grass
● Fixed sell point prices and price fluctuations
● Fixed switched fields and field numbers on Elmcreek map
● Fixed the rear paddle buttons on the Logitech G920 not being properly bound on Xbox
● Fixed tree growth to be the same independent of the length of a month
● Fixed various issues with manual shifted tractors
● Improved combine headers on sloping terrain
● Improved cotton bale loading
● Improved driving behavior of multi-axled trucks
● Improved pallet handling and performance
● Reduced AI worker costs all around
● Fixed Arcusin Multipack D14 bale unload

New additions
● Added ability to enlarge ModHub screenshots when viewing the mod details
● Added ability to remove buildings on all four farms of the Elmcreek map
● Added AI support for reverse driving tractors (Vario 900 & Valmet 8750)
● Added Mobile Home placeable
● Added Old Barn placeable
● Added option for free placement of placeables
● Added option for higher fuel usage
● Added option to place vines and olives with parallel snapping
● Added yield potential and weed removing tool recommendation to the field info
● License Plate on Erlengrat now fully customizable

Known issues
● Foliage in the distance can flicker in weird colors on certain hardware setups
● Random crashes when hiring AI worker
● Random cut down trees exploding visually in bizarre graphical glitches
● Random issue where pressing the “A” button on Xbox will not enter the vehicle shop
● Rare issue where game cannot be saved on Xbox
● Contract bonus yield is too high – enjoy it while it lasts

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  1. Unfortunately this did nothing for me. Game still freezes or crashes out to start up screen. I deleted all mods reading it could be a mod. But at this point I just think Xbox one doesn’t have the performance the game.

  2. Is there a suggestion box anywhere? I have a slight issue with the new patch. I play with 4 day months, this gives me a day that comes close to simulating a week instead of a month. Before the patch the days were named 1, 8, 15, 22. Now they are 1, 2, 3, 4. As I said, not a big issue, but I like the old numbering system better.

  3. I liked being able to pick up pallets of lettuce but now I can’t, same with eggs (not sure if you could before) grabbed a forklift and went to move a pallet of eggs and the forklift went flying and so did the eggs.. found the front loader with the bale attachment and have been using that

  4. I'm hating the new patch on ps4, I'm not sure what they did but it's bad enough we don't have any autoloaders for pallets yet AND I can't pick up pallets with my forklift without it completely freaking out. I didn't have this issue before..also I can't pick up eggs anymore. Says object is too heavy! Field states are really wonky now too. I hate it.

  5. Since I haven't gotten it yet, I don't know for sure, but is it true with this update you can't pick up pallets anymore?
    Like I said, I haven't downloaded it yet, so I do not know…

  6. The only one of those fixes that was important to me this was important to me was the xbox version not saving! Over the course of about a week I lost about 25 hours worth of gameplay because the game wouldn't save. And of course I only find out when I try to reload in the next day. So I quit playing altogether and uninstalled it.

  7. I'm glad they fixed some bugs but it seems to have caused a few more for me. Attaching/detaching things to a tractor is kinda hard now on controller. The key is bound to A in settings but in the help menu it's says to press X. So now the only way to attach something is to exit and re enter your vehicle before you can actually hook it up with the A button lol.

  8. "Contract yields are too high" I think GIANTS is now just giving us bugs that benefits the players now. Well, fire up the combine and thresh some soybeans will to good times last.

  9. hello guys, how do you deal with the terrible, terrible pallet physics? its still unplayable after the patch. my forklift starts to breakdance and yeet the pallets all over the map. i even managed to hit the roof of my silo hundreds of metres away and the pallet is now stuck there. i tried to load a single pallet onto my trailer for more than 30 minutes and i failed. i dont want to use mods yet.

  10. I still can't access all of my mods that I download on my saved game , and my game downloaded the new patch but the list of fixes is not including the mods showing up at all??? why don't they show up in the game of downloaded mods???


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