🚜 Machines of Farming Simulator 22: Garage Trailer


Today, we have a little nugget for all of you machine enthusiasts, longing to operate the new and improved vehicles and tools. In the brand-new Garage Trailer you catch a glimpse of our new and improved machinery.

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👉 Over 400 machines & tools, including new categories
👉 Over 100 real international brands
👉 Seasonal cycles and production chains
👉 New crops: grapes, olives and sorghum
👉 Vastly improved build menu & character editor
👉 New and improved sound design for more immersion
👉 Various engine improvements and graphical enhancements
👉 Cross-platform multiplayer and official mod-support
👉 and more!

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  1. Habrá una versión móvil, Cuando estará disponible el juego en los móviles creo que la mayoria de los usuarios estarían satisfechos poder tener este jugo en su móvil y poder jugar donde quiera, en mi paracer sería algo grandioso no importa los Gigas que Tenga pero saquen este grandioso juego en movil

  2. Hola será que para la próxima actualización podrán meter la sembradora STARA Ceres Master 3570, la que aparecía en fs 19, era una buena sembradora, gracias por su atención…

  3. they will make a mistake they will leave out NEW HOLLAND combine CR 1090 REVELATION and tractor CHALLENGER MT 867 for prioritize the combines claas lexion 8900 jhon deere X9 and tractor fendt vario 1100 take the most traditional combine out of the farming simulator 22 and bad joke with the players of FS

  4. Please tell me that the beacons will reflect on objects, on console, like they do in the video. That’ll be a game changer for console players if they reflect on objects

  5. i hope you will put the rest of the dlc claas and kneverland vehicles and tools back into the game !!! because otherwise it looks bad for this opus !! Personally, I only use the jaguar 980 and I am disappointed not to see it in the list of vehicles. and I hope that the harvesters and forage harvesters will be able to choose between wheels and personal tracks I find its disgusting tracked vehicles I hope that the 1 st dlc will be an addition of all the vehicles which lacks dlc

  6. Anyone else notice they used the exact same howl in the start of the video as the one in the song Nightcall by Kavinsky ? I recognized it right away, and instantly got a desire to put the iconic song on again, haha.

  7. Finally crossplay thank u giant software and to the whole dev team thank u for this amazing feature now I can play this game with my friends on pc and console I'm so happy hyped for this amazing game

  8. This will be my first time playing Farming simulator since the very first game. I can't wait. Already pre-ordered on steam, and bought the season pass. Let's get it!

  9. they all look the same… truck models, tractors, graphics with just some update obviously and the same boring maps… like thanks we can bake cakes now xD . I feel like they just slapped a new year on it and called it good

  10. Get in on the FS22 GIVEAWAY for my viewers! Simply watch my videos then comment on your favorite part of the video for an entry! One entry per video, so the more you watch and comment on the better your chances!


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