🔎 Gameplay Demo: First Look at Platinum Machines!


With the Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition coming on November 15th, there is a plethora of new vehicles and tools to be added to the fleet of machinery. Get a first look at the Platinum machines for Farming Simulator 22!

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  1. i was scared they never show that because of the messed up physics. but it looks way better now! with the second john deere you could definitly see that the trees are almost glued on to the logfork. with that i hope all the log forks are updated to this. i was hoping for stronger forks. but i guess that would have been glitchy in the game. a good solution overall.
    good job!

  2. I hope in the update before the DLC drops it includes the better log physics so even if we play in base game maps or other maps that have logging we will be able to handle logs better not just in the DLC it's better not be another Kubota incident where they have the passenger feature locked behind it it better be a feature for all players

  3. Wie sieds mit der verbesserung der Baumphysik aus ist das dabei? gibts einen Entaster für die gesägten Bäume ich meine nicht die Handkettensäge die hat machmal probleme die Äste zu treffen? ist ja ein cooles Dlc aber wenn sich die Bäume halt immer noch so bescheiden Händeln lassen setzt das den Spielspaß vom Dlc sehr herunten weil wenn man zig mal versuchen muss den Baum aufen Hänger zu bekommen hat man schnell keine lust mehr

  4. Finally something is for loggers! I do only logging in the game and that's gonna be great I enjoy loading my truck and create roads. My friend and me we play together he cuts the logs and I am the one who load the trucks with logs and then we take a ride to the unloading place. I am really excited about this dlc I will definetely buy it

  5. How about also work on optimizing the game to allow more powerful computers to fully use their hardware. Example: my Processor isn't utilized to it's fullest and is hindering my graphics card's performance. My CPU runs at 20% and my GPU runs at 30% and yes my FPS is unlocked!

  6. Maschinen die es als Mod schon gab und mit denen man im LS19 schon Spaß hatte… yeah, nicht wirklich der größte Step, aber immerhin das erste was einem sinnvollem DLC gleich kommt

  7. Are usually don’t shut those giant subways down unless we’re not gonna be using them for a long time, because it can take several minutes for that blade to stop.

  8. What I find very disappointing is with ds 22 ps that there are very few forestry mods for ps4 especially the cranes are a disappointment when I look at the forest fs 22 pc then its much more expansion bad machienis I do it myself but with a johndeer crane that is on a trailer not yet stable I don't understand giants either I have often sent them an email with, among other things, meet forest vehicles the only thing I got is a phage answer I have often done forestry on fs 19 with including the johndeer 953 forestry crane here I do it with a vlud crane on trailer come on man like me when I look on YouTube and then build forest then I see one large crane after another e.g. Senneboggen I have seen it in it why is fs 22 for pc more extensive than for ps4 otherwise i have to download mods but no one told me how i can get those mods let alone on ps4 so i think giants better think about it if they develop a game I still have did not talk about the animals because there too there is something to improve, so I only have sheep, pig and cows and chickens in that commercial when it was developing I saw ducks goats, for example, which to my surprise turned out to be all for PC and not for the ps4 but well I hope there is much more improvement fs 22 ps4

  9. Please remember that you have hundreds of unresolved issues in the FS22 base game that need to resolved before you release any more DLC. Many of these issues are simple XML changes that can be done in minutes, like the incorrect speed limits of all the tracked vehicles and all the missing wheel options, but they are all issues that should have been fixed before release – which you'd know if you bothered to test the game at any point during development. Please also be ware that "won't fix" does not exist; there is only "fix immediately" and "fix for next build" as any professional programmer knows. Continuing to develop and release DLC without ensuring the base game works correctly is mildly put unprofessional, and incorrect development procedure. The correct cycle goes develop > test > fix > test > release > fix, not develop > release > ignore > release more dlc > continue to ignore

  10. Absolutely love the twitch presentation and this as well. As American finally getting some equipment that we use in America is wonderful. As a logger and sawmill worker I enjoy running the equipment personally have run the feller buncher and the skidder. The only thing I hope you might consider adding would be a knuckle boom loader with a delimber mounted to the front of the trailer. I can understand if this isn't in the works. I am grateful that giants considered even updating adding to the forestry section of Farming Simulator. Thank you

  11. Strange how we cant see them de-brancing, cut the tree to length, and making a big stack to be picked up with the new Volvo for loading it on a trailer. They show a pick-up from a trailer to another trailer (where the stack is nice and easy to reach). I want to see the make a pile of tree trucks on the ground and pick it up from there to be loaded on a logging trailer (the last time I did try this it was a nightmare). Do its fun to see the stack of tree trunks don't push each other away if you grab them in a group or clip into one another.
    Even at the end with the skidder when it's time to pick up the 2 tree trunks from the ground they cut the pick-up.
    You see the skidder drive to the tree trucks, bud when it's time for the pick-up they cut away and come to the trunks are perfectly in the claw.
    Currently, I don't really trust it.


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