👨‍🌾 LAUNCH-TRAILER: "Farming will grow on you!" – Farming Simulator 22


LET THE GOOD TIMES GROW! Farming Simulator 22 is out now – It’s available on PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia.

🛒 Get Farming Simulator 22 now on the official shop!

👉 Over 400 machines & tools, including new categories
👉 Over 100 real international brands
👉 Seasonal cycles and production chains
👉 New crops: grapes, olives and sorghum
👉 Vastly improved build menu & character editor
👉 New and improved sound design for more immersion
👉 Various engine improvements and graphical enhancements
👉 Cross-platform multiplayer and official mod-support
👉 and more!

👨‍🌾 Learn how to play with the Farming Simulator Academy!

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  1. This is everything one would want in a farming game been on board from FS14 mobile then FS15 on xbox 17 19 and now 22, very exciting to see how far it has come!! I just have one problem with the new update on Xbox one.. My tractor sounds stared to glitch a bit after the 2nd update and not sure why, might have to get a better Xbox or pc🤔 thanks for the epic game guys!

  2. Any chance at all you guys are gonna finish FS19 soon? No?
    Any change you guys will finish work on FS 19… at all….? No?
    Any chance you'll finish FS22 before releasing the next one? Probably not then, huh?

  3. Здравствуйте я бэ очень хотел чтобы следу шея ферма была с русской технекаю и в плеймаркет

  4. Habrá una versión móvil, Cuando estará disponible el juego en los móviles creo que la mayoria de los usuarios estarían satisfechos poder tener este jugo en su móvil y poder jugar donde quiera, en mi paracer sería algo grandioso no importa los Gigas que Tenga pero saquen este grandioso juego en movil

  5. Your customer service is atrocious. I’ve put in 3 tickets about repairing the bugs associated with sugarcane and you send me that same nonsense automated reply every time that has NOTHING to do with fixing the bugs with sugarcane. Shame on you.


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