🐮 Animals & Wildlife in Farming Simulator 22


The animals are back in Farming Simulator 22, and they’re more important than ever. Also, a lot cuter.

For more screenshots and 10 reasons for animal husbandry: visit our blog!

Farming Simulator 22 releases on November 22nd for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. Pre-order now to receive the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack!

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  1. Get in on the FS22 GIVEAWAY for my viewers! Simply watch my videos then comment on your favorite part of the video for an entry! One entry per video, so the more you watch and comment on the better your chances!

  2. Добавьте возможность чистить навоз лопатами,как в россии. Просто у нас только такой способ освоили

  3. RIP hand eggs collecting system. The OLD system (until FS17) was beautiful… Now only pallets… I hope we can collect pallets without bugs… Can't wait for Nov 22th

  4. Looks awesome! Defiantly an upgrade from 19. Maybe we will see some extra animals like goats, ducks, donkeys, more dogs, cats, Buffalo etc. I play a lot of the ricci and pv maps and it's an awesome feature to me anyway.

  5. Vraiment super ce petit trailler, juste en temps que campagnard français, je trouve ça extrêmement dommage que le jeu sois si "américains" on aurai adorer une maps très montagne français, un style d'agriculture "ancien" (=avec des tout petit bâtiment, des ruches simple et pas en barre, avec des bâtiments assez petit ect…

  6. It would be so good if we could move the cows,sheep & horses into different fields by walking them over and the they stay there and est grass and thrn we move them again

  7. Hello, I would like you to pay attention to sugarcane, I'm Brazilian and I work in a mill I would like to be able to work on the game alone but work with sugarcane and because it's very difficult because the knowledgeables and game assistants don't help much, either I hope that in production we could produce ethanol and sell it to the gas station, and also an option of bulk sugar would be very viable, I don't know if you know but at the Sugarcane Plant most here produce their own energy with bagasse and use another brima work called ready-to-eat syrup, vinasse, which is used as fertilizer and water for sugarcane, I am a great fan of the franchise.

  8. Просто добавили самые популярные моды в оригинальную игру и назвали это все "новой игрой"…
    Я обожаю 17 и 19 ферму, но почему разработчик не хочет сделать что то свое, а не тупо стащить у мододелов и назвать своим???!!!!

  9. Looks like my birthday wish for came true. Told Giants on Steam that I had intended to buy this for my Birthday, since that is also in November, provided that horses will be in it again. Thank you Giants! I'd also like to see llamas and/or alpaca and donkeys!


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